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7 Home Appliances that Need Regular Cleaning

Home appliances are often the heart and soul of the home. But to function well and long, they need our regular attention. Think of it like the shower you take every morning. It is essential for your health. In the same way, our home appliances need regular cleaning. And the more modernised your home is, the more fancy appliances you might have. Here are some tips for easy maintenance of  home appliances that need regular cleaning.

1. The Cooker

The cooker, the centrepiece of the kitchen, is not very easy to maintain. It has many parts that need proper attention and good care. The secret of maintaining your cooker in a good condition is in the frequency of cleaning. The more often you clean, the less efforts you have to put in. Try to clean up a little after every use, whether it is frying, grilling, steaming and so on. All you need is a polishing cotton cloth, kitchen spray and oven detergent. Make sure you wait for 20-30 minutes after use for the hobs to cool down before you start the cleaning. Use warm water or the kitchen detergent to get rid of the greasy surface.


2. The Oven

The oven can be a nightmare to clean. But if you give it some attention every week,  you can avoid the bad experience. It should be enough to spray it with oven cleaner, leave it closed for 20 minutes and just wipe off gently. Finish the cleaning process by wiping with warm water and cotton cloth.


3. The toaster

Regular cleaning is essential for your toaster. Not only it can look gross if you let it be for long, but it can also be a potential threat to your health. Unplug the appliance and empty the crumb tray. Dislodge burnt-on food with a toothbrush or an old credit card. Reach into the slots of a regular toaster with a wet pastry brush. Clean and polish the outside surface with glass cleaner and polishing cloth.

4. The Microwave

The microwave is another home appliance you should put on the schedule for regular cleaning. Here’s a good homemade recipe for microwave cleaning. Place a coffee mug or a small bowl filled with water and a few slices of lemon in the centre of the microwave. Run it on high power for three minutes. Let the lemon water sit inside for three more minutes. The steam will soften food spills, and the lemon aroma will eliminate bad odours. Wipe down the walls with a clean cloth soaked in warm, soapy water. Scrub the wheels with a toothbrush. Wipe the exterior all-purpose cleaner or glass cleaner and a cotton cloth.

5. Blender or Kitchen Robot

It’s important for the appliances that you use the most to get regular cleaning. The blender or kitchen robot is one of them. Pop off the blades and any other removable parts. Soak them in a sink filled with warm water and all purpose cleaner. Hand wash the blender carafe and the food-processor bowl using warm, soapy water. You can also use the dishwasher for the parts. A nylon brush should remove any particles caked onto the blades. Dry the blades with a clean towel or cloth to prevent rust.

6. Dishwasher

Your dishwasher is a lifesaver, isn’t it? But do you clean it often enough? Place a cup of white vinegar in a dishwasher-safe container on the upper rack of the machine. Run the dishwasher through a hot-water cycle. This will wash away grease and grime and remove musty doors too.

Baking soda rinse: Sprinkle one cup of baking soda across the bottom of the dishwasher. This should also neutralise any unpleasant odours. Adopt the routine once per month.

7. Coffee machine or Coffee Maker

Last but not least, your coffee machine or coffee maker deserves regular cleaning. If you are using a coffee machine, remove all the handles from the brewing heads and remove the empty coffee cakes. With your espresso machine brush by hand, scrub away any remaining coffee grounds from the brewing heads. Remove the filter with a teaspoon and insert the blank filter into the handle. Remove the metal drip tray and clean it. Lastly, take care of the drain.

If you are using a coffee maker, then it’s a good idea to deep clean it at least once a month. However, you can maintain it weekly  using vinegar. Remove any old filters or pods and empty any reservoirs. Wipe down the outside of your coffee maker and any removable parts with a damp microfibre cloth. Make sure your coffee pot or coffee mug is in place. Mix the water and vinegar together and pour them into the coffee maker’s reservoir. Run a brew cycle with nothing but the water and vinegar mixture. Fill your reservoir with filtered water and run several brew cycles to remove any traces of vinegar from the machine. Cleaning the coffee pot is not a big deal. Simply leave the vinegar in the pot until it has completely cooled. Then wash it as you normally would.

end of tenancy cleaning mistakes

Six Mistakes People Make when Choosing an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Moving out of a property is very stressful and time-consuming. Most of us find it hard packing for holiday, now imagine packing the whole house! But that’s nothing compared to the stress of leaving the place just as you found it when you first moved in. Most landlords would expect professional end of tenancy cleaning or you may lose your deposit. If your contract states it, you have no other choice but to book this service. However, don’t just go for any end of tenancy cleaning provider. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes people make when choosing an end of tenancy service.

Not checking what the service includes

Many people get excited when they see a very low price for end of tenancy cleaning. Naturally, you don’t want to spend a lot to clean a place you won’t be living in. However, that’s often a big mistake. Low price may mean that it won’t cover everything you need. Also, if your landlord or agent requires professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, you must make sure you add it to your booking.

Not researching the company properly

There are hundreds of thousands cleaning providers in the UK. Not all of them are legitimate companies or experienced professional cleaners. When choosing an end of tenancy cleaning service, always make sure you are booking from a reputable and reliable cleaning company. Avoid self-employed or freelance cleaners, because this is a really hard job and requires a team of experienced and trained professionals.

Not checking the availability

When booking an end of tenancy cleaning you must take into account the date and time all of your belongings will be out of the property. Also, you need to keep in mind when will your agent or landlord perform a check out. Use these times as a guide and make sure the cleaning provider you want to book is flexible enough and can clean the property in the given window.

Not requiring to see a checklist

You have to make sure that the end of tenancy cleaning meets the expectations of the landlord. This is why you should require a checklist of all the areas that have been cleaned.

Not asking for a guarantee

Good end of tenancy cleaning providers give a certain guarantee for their job. Some agree to return to the property and re-clean if faults have been found. Usually, the guarantee has a time limit, so you need to make sure you raise a complaint within the given deadline if need be.

Choosing an end of tenancy cleaning provider without an insurance

Cleaning companies are obliged to have a variety of business insurances. You want to choose an insured service because accidents do happen and even if the property is unfurnished, damage can still occur. In that case, you wouldn’t want to pay the landlord for it with your deposit money. The cleaning company’s insurance will cover that.

what to expect from your domestic cleaner

What Can I Expect from my Domestic Cleaner?

When you think about hiring a domestic cleaner, it’s likely that your mind feels with a lot of questions. Do I really need a domestic cleaner? Can I trust them with my home? Would they do a good job? Am I going to waste my money?

All these questions are valid and very normal. It is indeed hard to trust your home in the hands of a stranger. However, there are some things you should know, which will help you make the right choice and have a clear notion of what to expect from your domestic cleaner.


A good domestic cleaner is always reliable. Although sometimes accidents happen, your domestic worker will give their best to be at your address on time. They will put the required work diligently and also, leave on time. That’s one of the main reasons why it is best to turn to a professional cleaning company than a freelance cleaner, because you can be ensured they will find a replacement if something happened to your cleaner and he or she can’t make the appointment.


A reputable domestic cleaner will never lie to you or steal from your home. They will be honest in their behaviour and work.


One of the main reasons people think twice before hiring a domestic cleaner is the fear their secrets or private information being exposed. You can expect from a good domestic cleaner to always mind her or his own business and not poke their nose into your stuff. Sometimes, it can be a plus hiring a maid who doesn’t speak English well, if you are worried they might leak out confidential conversations or correspondence.

Professional Service

The very reason why you would want to get a domestic cleaner is to have your home professionally cleaned. There are some spots and areas in the house that certainly need the knowledge and the touch of a professional. A good maid knows exactly where to start from and how to treat a variety of stains without causing further damage. The cleaners in our company train extensively before we let the serve client premises alone.

Attention to Detail

One of the important things you should look for and expect from your domestic cleaner is attention for detail. Everyone can cover general house chores and perform a general clean. It takes a professional to add some extra and notice the really small things that make or break the big picture.

As a company with long years in the industry we are very proud of our professional cleaners and the work they do for our clients on daily basis. Why not see for yourself?

Get children involved in domestic cleaning

How to Get your Children Involved in Domestic Cleaning

They say a house full of children is a happy house. While we don’t object that at all, we would also like to add that a house full of children is a messy house. And it is the truth, many of you would confirm. Those half-terms and the school holidays can turn into a nightmare if the weather is bad or you haven’t planned enough entertaining activities. The chances are your house will be turned upside down and there’s little you could do to prevent it. However, you may be able to minimise the cleaning you have to do afterwards if you manage to get the messy players fix their mess. Since it is half term and the International Children’s Day, we thought there’s no better topic for the blog but to give you a few ideas how to get your children involved in domestic cleaning.

Set expectations early

Let your children know that they can play as much as they want, however, they will have to clean up any mess afterwards. No toys left on the floor, no scribbles on the furniture or walls, no spills on the carpet. Of course, if you have really young children you must set some precautions for real damage to occur. Teach them to complete age-appropriate tasks as part of domestic cleaning.

Give rewards

Children love being rewarded for doing something right. It doesn’t have to be something big or expensive. From our experience, most kids are over the moon when they receive just a sticker. You can create charts (especially if there are two or more siblings in the household), which will create a fun competition between the kids and will prompt them to complete their domestic cleaning tasks every week. Teenagers, probably won’t care much about coming first on the leaderboard for house chores, but you can keep them involved in domestic cleaning by rewarding them with some extra change or more screen time, extended curfew, and so on.

Work together as a family

Tell your children that everybody at home has to work together as a family. Use the opportunity to bond with them or introduce family traditions that will last for decades. Perhaps your children will pass them to their own. Make it fun by structuring domestic cleaning as a game. It could be something like a treasure hunt or a quest. You can introduce point system and form different teams. The winner gets a special treat in the form of something they like doing, eating or having.

Teach but don’t preach

The most important thing for involving the children in domestic cleaning is to be an example of what you expect them to do. If they see you throwing your clothes on the floor after work, their school uniform won’t go neatly in the laundry basket. Children are very perceptive. They learn better when you show them how to behave rather than tell them what to do. Want to get your children involved in domestic cleaning? Show them it’s fun with your own attitude towards it. If they see you frowning every time you have to wash the dishes, they would see the activity as something tedious. As a parent you have the amazing opportunity to shape a person into a well-rounded individual. Use that opportunity wise.


best cleaning services milton keynes

10 Best Cleaning Services in Milton Keynes

It is very important for the local community to know, which professional services they can trust. Searching Google for good cleaning companies in your area can be really overwhelming. There are more than 7 million results that show up! We thought we would spare you the hustle and did the research ourselves. That’s how we came up with the 10 best cleaning services in Milton Keynes. We based the list on popularity among the local community and reviews on Google and social media. Needless to say, we are thrilled that Top Home Cleaning made it as one of the frontrunners!



First on the list is Domestique, a local company that offers a variety of cleaning services, laundry and ironing. They cover several areas around Milton Keynes and their customer support seems to be quite good. The focus is domestic, spring and end of tenancy cleaning and the prices range in the average bracket.



Homeclean is another quite popular cleaning company in Milton Keynes and all over Britain. The company has been around for more than 30 years and is now a franchise, which is why they can offer low rates, starting at just £9 per hour. Homeclean serve over 4000 properties in the area today.


Cleaning Lovers MK

The third position goes to Cleaning Lovers MK. They haven’t been on the market as long as the previous two, but have been able to build and maintain a good reputation within the community. Customers like their service because they can offer the same cleaner visiting every time and their prices are relatively cheap.


Top Home Cleaning

That’s us! Top Home Cleaning is considered one of the best cleaning services in Milton Keynes because we insist on exceptional quality. It is our strongest selling point. We train all of our cleaners in house and don’t let them go to client’s properties on their own until we are sure they would do a perfect job. We focus on domestic, spring and end of tenancy cleaning. Recently we started offering housekeeping services for holiday lets too and it has been a great success.


Merry Maids

Merry Maids cover Milton Keynes and Buckingham. The company exists since 2013 and offers its clients fully insured and trained cleaners. They provide cleaning products so the customer doesn’t have to worry about supplies. Merry Maids specialise in domestic, deep and end of tenancy cleaning.



Another very popular franchise makes our list of best cleaning services in Milton Keynes – Maid2Clean. The brand covers the whole of the UK, but the Milton Keynes branch is well rated. Their prices aren’t very cheap, nor extremely expensive. That’s probably one of the reasons why many people stick with them.


Mega Cleaning

Number 7 on our list is not an all-round cleaning services provider. Mega Cleaning focus on one-off and deep cleaning services in Milton Keynes and the neighbouring areas. The prices start at £16 per hour per cleaner and customers need to pay extra for the equipment and cleaning products.


Bright and Beautiful Home

The next entry on the list of best cleaning services in Milton Keynes is Bright and Beautiful Home. They offer exclusively housekeeping services for busy professionals. You won’t find them offering one-off or end of tenancy cleaning because they insist on specialising on what they are really good at – domestic cleaning.


Daily Poppins

Apart from the creative name, Daily Poppins bring good quality to the market and that’s why are one of the most popular cleaning companies in Milton Keynes. They pride themselves on the ability to provide a cleaner even on a very short notice. As most good cleaning providers, they would visit your home first to evaluate the property before quoting a price.


Royal Cleaners

Last but not least, we present to you the Royal Cleaners. They are cleaning professionals, who offer fair prices, flexible hours and good quality. With them you could book more than domestic and end of tenancy cleaning. They also offer carpet and upholstery cleaning, as well as after-builders cleaning.


Hopefully, this little guide of the best cleaning services in Milton Keynes is useful to you. We would be thrilled if we managed to save you some time searching for the right cleaning company. And if you chose us, it would be an honour to do the housework for you, while you use that time doing the things you really love.




Most Common Allergies and How to Treat Them

According to the NHS website, 1 in 4 people in the UK suffer from an allergy at some point of their life. Some of these conditions may be temporary and not life threatening. Others, however, pay put a person in serious danger. The most interesting things about allergies is that in many cases we can prevent them or relieve the symptoms with proper hygiene and domestic care for our home.

Pollen (Hay Fever)

By far, the most common allergy in the UK is to pollen. Pollen is the powder of flowers and blooming trees. Its count increases significantly in May and June and that’s why you begin to see a lot sneezing people with red eyes and runny noses on the streets. In early childhood, this allergy can be outgrown. Fascinatingly, some adults only suffer from hay fever when they are in a particular country and they don’t when they are somewhere else. This is due to the fact that pollen from flowers, grass and trees can be different in different parts of the world. The allergy is not life-threatening but can be very inconvenient. Usually, you can treat it with over-the-counter anti-histamine tablets or syrup. However, there is also a natural way, in which you can relieve yourself of the hay fever symptoms at least when you are at home – steam cleaning! The steam is a 100% eco-friendly and effective cleaning power that also kills many allergens.

Dust Mites Allergy

Steam cleaning can be a great help for people with another very common allergy – dust mites. Dust allergy isn’t too dangerous, but can cause itching, sneezing, coughing and other uncomfortable symptoms. The best remedy for it is arranging regular domestic cleaning for your home. However, you can add an extra layer of comfort by choosing to steam clean your living room and bedroom.

Animal Dander Allergy

You’ve heard a lot of people saying that they are allergic to cats or dogs. They aren’t really allergic to the animal, but to its dander. Pet dander contains allergens that irritate the respiratory system in some people and cause them to sneeze uncontrollably. The obvious solution to an animal dander allergy would be to not get a pet you are allergic to. Sometimes, however, a friend may visit with their four-legged buddy or you may have to go to a place that accommodates animals. There’s little you can do on the spot, but once you come home, make sure you take your clothes off immediately and put them to wash on a high temperature. Then use a tumble dryer or if you don’t have access to one, iron your clothes. If the animal stayed in your home for more than 15 minutes, make arrangements for steam cleaning.

Food Allergies

One of the most dangerous common allergies is the one to different kinds of food. Some cases are so severe that a person can die within a few minutes of ingesting a bite of food they are allergic to. Always disclose your food allergies when you are going to a party or a gathering with friends who may not be aware that you can’t eat certain things. In restaurants, ask the staff if the meal you want to order contains allergens that are dangerous to you.

Medicine Allergies

The other potentially lethal allergy is to medicine. Some people have severe reactions to particular types of medicine. Treatment or even exposure to such can cause life-threatening situation. For example, heart failure, swelling of the brain, blockage of the airways and many other. Always let your doctor or other medical professional know about any allergies you have to medicine. Do not take any medicines that have not been prescribed to you by your doctor or pharmacist.

Mould Allergy

With the damp weather and houses built centuries ago, mould is often found in many homes in the UK. It is also not surprising that mould allergy is one of the most common allergies in the country. It can be particular dangerous for young children and elderly or people with weaken immune system. If left unaddressed for a long period of time in children, it can lead to the development of asthma. There is an easy solution to get rid of mould in your home. Steam cleaning does a great job in such situations. The steam is strong enough to destroy the fungi and and the same time, it is natural and purifies the air. We would suggest to call a professional if you want to remove mould from your walls with steam cleaning. There are special techniques that professional cleaners use to avoid the reappearance of the mould soon after the procedure.

Household Chemicals Allergies

Some would think that this allergy is quite surprising. However, if you think about it, there are so many artificial chemical substances used most detergents and cleaning products. If you know that you are allergic or intolerant to specific chemicals, for example, bleach, you should let your cleaner know. Also, if you do the cleaning yourself, opt for eco-friendly and close to nature cleaning solutions.

office cleaning

8 Office Items That Need Regular Cleaning

Have you noticed that in some offices is it more pleasant to work than in others? You don’t actually dread Mondays, because you like going to the office. And while this is very much related to the job and your colleagues, there’s more to it. It isn’t just about the location, size and furniture. It is about the cleanliness and tidy environment. When it comes to office cleaning, there are a lot more activities involved than just hovering and mopping the floors or emptying the dustbins. In this article, we’ve listed 8 office items that need regular cleaning. How many of those does your office cleaner tick?

The Office Vents

We may not often notice the vents at the office, but it doesn’t mean their cleanliness can be compromised. If not cleaned regularly, they can start spreading unpleasant smells and allergens such as dust, pollen or germs. This is a huge reason for staff sickness, which causes harm to the business in the end.

The Office Toilets

We would like to think that there are no offices or commercial properties in Milton Keynes with toilets that are not regularly clean. The high hygiene level in those places is imperative, but also the products used to maintain those levels is important. In the past, a lot of commercial cleaners used bleach and other strong chemicals to clean public toilets. This can be dangerous to the staff, because many people have allergies and respiratory conditions. Top Home Cleaning uses safe and efficient cleaning products in all our work both at private and commercial settings.

The Office Microwave

In many offices there are kitchen areas where staff can warm their lunch or sit down to have it. So, another office item that needs regular cleaning is the microwave oven. It’s pretty logical, as you wouldn’t want to put your food into something that looks gross. High hygiene level of kitchen items is extremely important, especially when those items are used by multiple people.

The Office Fridge

Still in the office kitchen, we get to the fridge. We all have that colleague who leaves his food in there for weeks! If the fridge isn’t cleaned regularly, this could be a potential threat to the health of the workers in the office. Also, it’s not nice seeing your food getting spoilt because someone else forgot theirs in the fridge for ages.

The Office Coffee Machine

Morning coffee is essential for the majority of working people. Coffee machines are a very common item in the offices and certainly need regular cleaning. Depending on the size of the office and number of employees, some coffee machines could be used hundreds of times a day. This is why they need to be cleaned properly as frequently as possible to prevent contamination with germs and bacteria. Leaving the staff coffee machine uncleaned for more than a couple of days can impose serious health risks to anyone who uses it.

The Office Phones

The phone handles on staff desks deserve a good and thorough clean up. In most cases they are touched by different hands numerous times a day and also a lot of saliva ends up on the handset while we speak. Employee desk rotation is not uncommon in many organisations, so regular cleaning of the office phones is essential for the prevention of spreading infections, germs and diseases.

The Office Computer Keyboards

In many offices, the majority of staff uses communal computers and keyboards. Those should always be part of the regular cleaning checklist in the office because they are a perfect place for microbes to hide and cause infections. Even if every staff member has been allocated a working computer, regular cleaning of the keyboard and headset is essential.

The Office Door Knobs and Handles

Do we really need to stress how crucial regular cleaning of office door knobs and handle is? Not really, it is common sense, but yet, in some offices this isn’t a practice. Those are the office items that collect the most germs and bacteria every single day because they get touched by various people. You never know who washed their hands after using the toilet and who thought it’s ok to skip it. Nasty, but true.

How many of these items are regularly cleaned in your office? If you’ve scored 8 out of 8, you are doing a brilliant job! However, if you are missing some of them, perhaps you need a better commercial cleaning service. That’s easily solved by contacting us with the form below or emailing us at info@tophomecleaning.co.uk.

after party cleaning

How to Clean After a Party

The long Easter Bank Holiday Weekend is just around the corner! If you aren’t travelling, you are most likely hosting a party or family gathering at home. These are always a lot of fun, but boy, the mess you need to clean up afterwards is serious. We are hoping for a lovely weather, so you can at least use the space in the garden and don’t do too much damage to your living room. Either way, you still need some good tips how to clean after a party. We thought we’d split this article in two parts – things you need to clean immediately after the party is over and things you can leave till the next day.


Things You Need to Clean Immediately after the Party


Ok, no one actually likes cleaning immediately after having a great time. However, to save yourself some struggles later, you need to be proactive. Start from the food leftovers. The stuff that is still good and can be consumed later, goes in the fridge, the rest goes in the food waste bin. Another idea to minimise the food leftover is to pack takeaway boxes for your guests. They go home with food and don’t have to cook, you don’t have to force yourself to eat it all or waste delicious meals.

Next, get recycle bags and put all the cans, plastic bottles, cutlery and plates in the appropriate bags. If you have children, it’s a perfect way to get them involved in the after party cleaning. Use a tray to collect all dirty glasses, dishes or any other items that are not disposable. Quickly check them and place in the dishwasher.

If you weren’t lucky enough with the weather and had to celebrate indoors, check your furniture and carpets for any spills. The quicker you treat the stains, the higher the chance to get rid of it completely without professional help.

Time to sanitise the common areas. Wash the kitchen towels, as well as the hand towels in the bathroom. If you used a tablecloth add it to the laundry load. Next, pour toilet cleaner in the toilet bowl and spray disinfectant on the toilet seat, sink, door handles and light switches. Move to the kitchen and wipe the working counters.

Last thing you need to do immediately after the party is to vacuum or sweep the floor.


Things You Need to Clean the Next Day After the Party


When you wake up the next morning (hopefully without hangover), you need to continue with the cleaning tasks. First, take down the decorations and store those you would use again. The rest can go in the appropriate bin. Then, take out the items from the dishwasher and put them back in their regular places. Take the laundry out of the dryer, fold and store.

Check for fingerprints on the furniture, mirrors or other surfaces and wipe them with the appropriate detergent. After this it’s time to move to the garden if you had the chance to enjoy it during the party. Clean the barbecue or outside kitchen area. Rearrange the garden furniture and items. Put back things you kept away during the party.

Lastly, use the garden hose to wash the patio area and remove any sticky dirt or debris.


Let’s be honest, after party cleaning can be a lot of hard work. And who wants to be sorting out messes after having such a good time, especially if alcohol was involved. There is an easy solution. Book your after party cleaning service with us and simply relax. We will do the rest.

Sounds like a good plan? Fill in the form below, we’ll take it from there.

decluttering your house is important

Why Decluttering Your House is Important


Spring is officially here and it is the perfect time to get rid of the things you don’t need to release more space. You can take that literally or figuratively. Either way, decluttering is good for you for a number of reasons. But since we deal more with the practical side of things, we want to make some key points on why decluttering your house is so important. By the end of this article, you would have already began planning your next big decluttering project.


Creates a Cosy Atmosphere


The less clutter you have at home, the more comfortable and relaxed you feel. Having a lot of stuff lying around or just stacked at different corners of the room creates a feeling of discomfort, and for some people even anxiety. It seriously decreases the open space, which affects your life in the place in many other ways.


Improves the Air Circulation and Quality


Better air circulation is a direct result of decluttering your house. You need to make sure you allow enough open space for air to circulate properly, especially if your rooms are small. Otherwise, your property could easily get inhabited by mould. This is really bad news for people with allergies or respiratory conditions.


Creates a New Environment


Every once in a while we all need a change. A change in the wardrobe, change in the appearance, change in the home environment. Decluttering is an essential part of that change. Sometimes it means packing old clothes and giving them to charity. Other times, it’s larger items like that old cabinet you don’t really use, but you have it since forever. When you get rid of large items you create a lot more free space for your children or pets to move around. Even, if you don’t have children or pets, more space is always a plus.


Keeps You Healthy


Clutter is the perfect cover for many germs and bacteria and even pests! If you want to make sure your house is free of crawling creatures and tiny bugs that can get you sick, decluttering is the answer. Many of them hide under or behind furniture. Some you would find even in your wardrobe if you don’t pay much attention to it often.


Let’s You Think Better


Scientists have proven that decluttering your home and working environment boosts your concentration and productivity levels. The less unnecessary stuff you have in the office or at  home, the better your ability to think and come up with new ideas will be. Think about it, most eastern philosophies promote a simplistic life and environment with little to no distractions. That shows how important decluttering your house really is.


Makes You More Flexible and Opens the Door to New Beginnings


Moving on to a more spiritual level, decluttering the physical space, will also help you get rid of some negative energy, impacting your spiritual realm. By letting go of old items, you will create space for new and better ones entering your life. Doing this with something that you can touch and see is the stepping stone to developing the skills to let go of people and situations that don’t favour you. Just think how easy the first step is – start from decluttering your house. Do it today!

Need help with your spring cleaning? Don’t be afraid to ask. Our mission is to make your life easier by providing the best cleaning services in Milton Keynes and the nearby areas. All you have to do is just contact us below.



Spring Cleaning Benefits

Do You Really Need Spring Cleaning?

It is safe to say that spring has finally come and with that many households are thinking of spring cleaning. Furthermore, it is actually a well-established tradition in many places around the world. Many cultures believe that there is a strong connection between the decluttering and cleansing of your physical space and your spiritual and mental wellbeing. But let’s look at it objectively, is spring cleaning something you really need or an act that some people simply like doing? As professionals, we can argue that spring cleaning is highly recommended for a number of reasons and we’ll share them with you. 


Spring Cleaning Keeps You Healthy


The first and probably most important benefit of spring cleaning is related to the physical health. During the winter period, there are many bacteria and germs we bring into our homes. Even if you clean your home regularly, some of these embed themselves in the carpets, furniture and little cracks and corners in your home. It takes a thorough deep cleaning to make sure you are completely rid of them. Furthermore, sometimes bread crumbles and small food leftovers get under the sofa without us noticing. Especially, if you have young children at home. With time those pieces get mouldy and can even attract pests if not removed. Spring cleaning can ensure that your home is germs and dirt-free.


Spring Cleaning Keeps You In Shape


Continuing on the physical health benefits, getting to do spring cleaning at home actually counts as a pretty good workout. There’s lots of squatting, arms and abs exercise, moving around and even some heavy lifting involved. Of course, you don’t have to do it yourself. You can always call a friend to help you out and make it more fun. Play your favourite music while cleaning and you won’t even feel like you are doing a chore.  


Spring Cleaning Keeps You Stress-Free


Science has proven that decluttering your living and working environment helps with boosting the levels of concentration, productivity and creativity. Moreover, spring cleaning is also associated with lifting depression and putting you into good mood. In other words, having your space deep cleaned could have a positive impact on you both mentally and emotionally. But not everyone likes cleaning. In fact, for some people it counts as torture. The interesting thing about scientists findings exploring the bond between spring cleaning and mental wellbeing is the fact that even people who have outsourced the task report lower stress levels after it has been completed.  Well, it isn’t that surprising. After all, looking at a tidy and clean place generally brings a feeling of comfort and reassurance that everything will be ok.


Spring Cleaning is a Symbol of New Beginnings


Spring cleaning includes a thorough clean of every big and small part of your home. It is the perfect opportunity to dispose of all the things that you no longer need. Not only it will free space in your physical environment, but will also increase your capacity to receive new energy on a spiritual and mental level. Decluttering your home is very refreshing and optimises your mind to think of new ideas and activities. It enables you to plan for the future and consider new beginnings and exciting experiences.


If you’ve read the article up to here, we are certain we don’t need to convince you any more of the benefits of spring cleaning. Then again, this isn’t an easy activity and not many people want to do it on their own. So if you would love a clean and tidy home but can’t be asked to do waste a weekend on deep cleaning, we have a solution. Top Home Cleaning has experienced and well trained cleaners that can transform your environment. You just need to book a date that suits you best and we will come to perform the best spring cleaning service you have ever had.

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