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8 Office Items That Need Regular Cleaning

Have you noticed that in some offices is it more pleasant to work than in others? You don’t actually dread Mondays, because you like going to the office. And while this is very much related to the job and your colleagues, there’s more to it. It isn’t just about the location, size and furniture. It is about the cleanliness and tidy environment. When it comes to office cleaning, there are a lot more activities involved than just hovering and mopping the floors or emptying the dustbins. In this article, we’ve listed 8 office items that need regular cleaning. How many of those does your office cleaner tick?

The Office Vents

We may not often notice the vents at the office, but it doesn’t mean their cleanliness can be compromised. If not cleaned regularly, they can start spreading unpleasant smells and allergens such as dust, pollen or germs. This is a huge reason for staff sickness, which causes harm to the business in the end.

The Office Toilets

We would like to think that there are no offices or commercial properties in Milton Keynes with toilets that are not regularly clean. The high hygiene level in those places is imperative, but also the products used to maintain those levels is important. In the past, a lot of commercial cleaners used bleach and other strong chemicals to clean public toilets. This can be dangerous to the staff, because many people have allergies and respiratory conditions. Top Home Cleaning uses safe and efficient cleaning products in all our work both at private and commercial settings.

The Office Microwave

In many offices there are kitchen areas where staff can warm their lunch or sit down to have it. So, another office item that needs regular cleaning is the microwave oven. It’s pretty logical, as you wouldn’t want to put your food into something that looks gross. High hygiene level of kitchen items is extremely important, especially when those items are used by multiple people.

The Office Fridge

Still in the office kitchen, we get to the fridge. We all have that colleague who leaves his food in there for weeks! If the fridge isn’t cleaned regularly, this could be a potential threat to the health of the workers in the office. Also, it’s not nice seeing your food getting spoilt because someone else forgot theirs in the fridge for ages.

The Office Coffee Machine

Morning coffee is essential for the majority of working people. Coffee machines are a very common item in the offices and certainly need regular cleaning. Depending on the size of the office and number of employees, some coffee machines could be used hundreds of times a day. This is why they need to be cleaned properly as frequently as possible to prevent contamination with germs and bacteria. Leaving the staff coffee machine uncleaned for more than a couple of days can impose serious health risks to anyone who uses it.

The Office Phones

The phone handles on staff desks deserve a good and thorough clean up. In most cases they are touched by different hands numerous times a day and also a lot of saliva ends up on the handset while we speak. Employee desk rotation is not uncommon in many organisations, so regular cleaning of the office phones is essential for the prevention of spreading infections, germs and diseases.

The Office Computer Keyboards

In many offices, the majority of staff uses communal computers and keyboards. Those should always be part of the regular cleaning checklist in the office because they are a perfect place for microbes to hide and cause infections. Even if every staff member has been allocated a working computer, regular cleaning of the keyboard and headset is essential.

The Office Door Knobs and Handles

Do we really need to stress how crucial regular cleaning of office door knobs and handle is? Not really, it is common sense, but yet, in some offices this isn’t a practice. Those are the office items that collect the most germs and bacteria every single day because they get touched by various people. You never know who washed their hands after using the toilet and who thought it’s ok to skip it. Nasty, but true.

How many of these items are regularly cleaned in your office? If you’ve scored 8 out of 8, you are doing a brilliant job! However, if you are missing some of them, perhaps you need a better commercial cleaning service. That’s easily solved by contacting us with the form below or emailing us at

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