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Tag: end of tenancy

Six Mistakes People Make when Choosing an End of Tenancy Cleaning Service

Moving out of a property is very stressful and time-consuming. Most of us find it hard packing for holiday, now imagine packing the whole house! But that’s nothing compared to the stress of leaving the place just as you found it when you first moved in. Most landlords would expect professional end of tenancy cleaning or you may lose your deposit. If your contract states it, you have no other choice but to book this service. However, don’t just go for any end of tenancy cleaning provider. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes people make when choosing an end of tenancy service.

Not checking what the service includes

Many people get excited when they see a very low price for end of tenancy cleaning. Naturally, you don’t want to spend a lot to clean a place you won’t be living in. However, that’s often a big mistake. Low price may mean that it won’t cover everything you need. Also, if your landlord or agent requires professional carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning, you must make sure you add it to your booking.

Not researching the company properly

There are hundreds of thousands cleaning providers in the UK. Not all of them are legitimate companies or experienced professional cleaners. When choosing an end of tenancy cleaning service, always make sure you are booking from a reputable and reliable cleaning company. Avoid self-employed or freelance cleaners, because this is a really hard job and requires a team of experienced and trained professionals.

Not checking the availability

When booking an end of tenancy cleaning you must take into account the date and time all of your belongings will be out of the property. Also, you need to keep in mind when will your agent or landlord perform a check out. Use these times as a guide and make sure the cleaning provider you want to book is flexible enough and can clean the property in the given window.

Not requiring to see a checklist

You have to make sure that the end of tenancy cleaning meets the expectations of the landlord. This is why you should require a checklist of all the areas that have been cleaned.

Not asking for a guarantee

Good end of tenancy cleaning providers give a certain guarantee for their job. Some agree to return to the property and re-clean if faults have been found. Usually, the guarantee has a time limit, so you need to make sure you raise a complaint within the given deadline if need be.

Choosing an end of tenancy cleaning provider without an insurance

Cleaning companies are obliged to have a variety of business insurances. You want to choose an insured service because accidents do happen and even if the property is unfurnished, damage can still occur. In that case, you wouldn’t want to pay the landlord for it with your deposit money. The cleaning company’s insurance will cover that.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Checklist



End of tenancy cleaning is more complicated than most people imagine. It is a complex process, quite similar to spring cleaning but it covers every single area of the property and missing a spot can cost you a chunk of your deposit. Agents and landlords are very strict towards following all the requirements outlined in the letting agreement so you must know exactly what is expected from you in terms of end of tenancy cleaning. We know that letting agreements don’t always have the same requirements, but we have come up with a standard checklist approved by most agencies in Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas.


Hallway and Stairs


Starting with the small and relatively spaces you need to cover during the end of tenancy cleaning, here’s what you need to do in the passage area and stairs:

  • Vacuum or mop the stairs and hallway (whichever applies)
  • Clean skirting boards and light fittings.


Living Room


Throughout the length of your tenancy, you probably spent the most time in the living room. That would imply the space was regularly cleaned and therefore shouldn’t be too much of a hard task to complete. However, just a quick vacuuming and a little dusting won’t do the trick for end of tenancy cleaning. Here’s the checklist you need to follow:


  • Clean the windows, doors, light fittings, skirting boards, mirrors and pictures (if present when you moved in).
  • Wipe clean all furniture (if the property was rented furnished)
  • Clean inside and out any cupboards or storage facilities that may have been in the property when you moved in.
  • Full vacuuming under the furniture (if any).

If the floor is carpeted, in around 80% of the cases you will be required to provide professional carpet cleaning, or at least, cleaning to a professional standard.




Bedrooms are not too hard to deal with as well, but they do take a lot of time to go through because you need to make sure you aren’t missing any tiny detail like a socket, for example. Here’s more of what you need to check:

  • Clean the windows, doors, light fittings, skirting boards, mirrors and pictures.
  • Wipe clean inside and out all furniture that was initially in the property, for example, beds, wardrobes, chests of drawers.
  • Full vacuuming under the furniture (if any) and mopping if applicable.

Again, if the floors are carpeted, you will need to get a carpet cleaner or book a professional carpet cleaning service.




And here we come to the hard part of end of tenancy cleaning – the bathroom. Although most people maintain good hygiene levels in their bathrooms and toilets at home, domestically cleaned condition is not acceptable when it comes to checking out of a rented property. Before your letting agent or landlord comes to see the place upon your departure, make sure you have:

  • Cleaned the tiles, windows, doors, mirrors, light fittings, bath, shower screen and toilet
  • Wiped clean inside and out all bathroom cupboards and fixtures
  • Dusted the skirting and removed any marks
  • Moped and vacuumed the floor.




It is actually hard to say whether the bathroom or the kitchen is the most difficult area to clean at the end of your tenancy. It would depend on how often you had been using your kitchen and whether you maintained it in a good condition. Either way you will still have a lot to do during your end of tenancy cleaning. Follow this checklist:

  • Wash and polish all work surfaces
  • Clean the tiles, light fittings, cupboards (inside and out), dishwasher, washing machine, bins, microwave
  • Clean the sink and taps
  • Light fitting to be cleaned, remove limescale and polish where required
  • Scrub the doors
  • Clean the oven externally and internally and remove all built up grease
  • Clean, vacuum and mop the floor
  • Defrost the freezer and clean it
  • Clean the fridge

Did you get tired by just reading all this? We can help! Top Home Cleaning is here to do your end of tenancy cleaning, while you take the time to settle in your new home and enjoy the company of your family. All you need to do to make it happen is send us a message in the contact form below!