Month: December 2020

Month: December 2020


Living in a global pandemic comes with a lot of challenges for all individuals and businesses. Local and national restrictions cause serious hits on the turnover and almost eliminate profit. But even when offices and other commercial premises are allowed to welcome staff and customers, they need to comply with specific rules and regulations and make those premises safe for everyone.

That’s why good professional commercial cleaning is of absolute essence for almost any business. Here are some key points that emphasise on its importance.


Make it Safe for Staff

You can’t run a business if you don’t have enough people to work. If the job of your employees cannot be done from home, they need to come to the office or your commercial property.

As an employer, you are obliged by law to provide safe working environment and conditions for everyone. This includes a high level of hygiene, good ventilation, frequent disinfection and clear procedures for minimising the risk of spreading a disease. Commercial cleaning has always been a must in most business premises, but since the coronavirus crises started has become more vital than ever.


Make it Safe for your Customers

As a business owner you also have a responsibility to make your commercial premises safe for your customers. Grocery shops are some of the most frequently cleaned and disinfected businesses. Although some shops rely on staff members to carry out part of the cleaning and sanitising tasks, they also have professional commercial cleaners coming in every day or every few days to ensure the entire premises maintains high hygiene levels.

Entertainment venues don’t make an exception. As they are one of the most affected industries by the pandemic, cinemas, theatres, children centres take it very seriously when it comes to keeping their premises clean and disinfected.

The number of commercial cleaning bookings for restaurants, bars and pubs has also grown significantly in the past year. Despite the fact they were ordered to close for many months, they understood how essential it is to provide a healthy environment for their customers when allowed to welcome them.


Keeping the Economy Going

While some industries were badly affected, others were completely destroyed. Thankfully, there were some businesses that flourished. Commercial and domestic cleaning is one of them. And this is the saving grace of the national and local economy. They kept their employees at work, spent money on equipment and other expenses and increased their turnover, which means they will pay more taxes.

What do you think about the importance of commercial cleaning in the current environment? Would you invest in professional cleaners or would rather train your own staff to do the cleaning?