Month: September 2019

Month: September 2019

How to Choose the Right Carpet Cleaning Method

Carpet cleaning is important not only to maintain a nice and clean look of your home environment, but also to protect your family’s health. Carpets accommodate a number of germs and bacteria we carry from the outside. And if you have young children, it’s likely your carpet has tasted the majority of food you serve. There are various carpet cleaning methods, appropriate for different type of carpets and circumstances. In this article, we’ll help you choose the right carpet cleaning method for you.  

Dry Cleaning Method with an Absorbent Detergent

One of the most common carpet cleaning methods is dry cleaning with absorbent detergent. It works by spreading powder mixed with special solvents and agents through the carpet using a machine. The machine has counter-routing brushes, which allows the cleaning agents reach the fibres of the carpet. This way the stains, dirt and soils are properly treated. The mixture should stay on the carpet for about 15 minutes before it is vacuumed.

Main Benefit: Very quick drying – no more than 20 minutes before the carpet can be used as normal.

Main Downfall: Unsuitable for plush pile carpets and people with dust allergies.

Dry Cleaning Method with Foam or a Rotary Shampoo

Not much of a difference between this carpet cleaning method and the first one, except here we use foam. This method still requires a carpet cleaning machine to apply the foam. It needs to sit on the surface for a while, before it is vacuumed away with the dirt and debris from the carpet. 

Main Benefit: Easy to apply, minimal moisture, therefore quick to dry.

Main Downfall: Cannot achieve deep soil extraction and kill bacteria and germs

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning 

The Bonnet carpet cleaning method involves the use of an absorbent pad. It is the most common method for routine carpet cleaning. The good news is, it can be done by anyone without professional knowledge and skills. First, you need to vacuum the carpet and then apply a chemical solution with an electric sprayer. The development time is 15-30 min. After that, the moisture and the dirt can absorbed with the bonnet (absorbent pad).

Main Benefit: Quick, easy and inexpensive

Main Downfall: Unsuitable for deep cleaning and may be harmful to people with allergies to cleaning chemicals.

Wet Cleaning 

Most professional carpet cleaning providers work with the wet cleaning method. The main reason for this choice is that most manufacturers also recommend it. It allows high temperatures, pressure and strong chemicals.

Main benefit: Most efficient cleaning to the deepest parts of the carpet.

Main Downfall: Long drying time and high cost.

Steam Cleaning 

A newer, but very efficient carpet cleaning method is with steam. It is natural, eco-friendly and does not involve the use of any chemicals. The downfall is that it dampens the carpet and it may require a longer time to dry. That said, it kills 99% of the germs and bacteria dwelling in the fibres of your carpet.

Main Benefit: Ideal for people with allergies or respiratory conditions.

Main Downfall: Some stains may require additional cleaning.


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Deep Cleaning after Summer

Most people choose to do deep cleaning right after winter and that’s why they call it spring cleaning. However, in reality, every home needs a thorough clean, at least twice a year. And that’s the bare minimum. So, if the best time to do spring cleaning is after the winter months, the second best time for deep cleaning is after summer. 


Areas for Deep Cleaning


The Bathroom

It’s a great idea to start your deep cleaning from the bathroom. During the summer, you probably used it more often than the rest of the year and it now needs a refreshing touch. There might be some limescale built-up or yellow stains on some of the tiles and shower cabin floor. That usually takes more effort than a regular scrub. If you are a fan of eco-friendly cleaning products, you can use apple cider vinegar to deal with the limescale and stains. Also, don’t forget to disinfect the toilet! Autumn is the season of viruses and bacteria. You want to germ-proof your home as much as possible. 


The Kitchen

Deep cleaning your kitchen is a good opportunity to take care of your appliances inside and out, as well as behind and under. Clear the fridge and give it a good scrub. You can make a homemade cleaning solution to remove grease and burnt-on from the oven. Don’t miss the inside of the cupboards and throw away everything that has to go. 

While you are in the kitchen, take the time to organise the pantry. Nothing feels cosier than a nice and tidy pantry, full of herbs, tea and warming drinks in the coming autumn. 


The Bedrooms

Your bedrooms will also need significant deep cleaning. Wash the duvets, pillows and quilts. If you can, arrange carpet cleaning, just to ensure your sleeping environment is safe, clean and peaceful. Steam cleaning has even more health benefits and will help you have a better night sleep. 

Your closet is a must-clean. Time to put away the fun, colourful summer clothes and bring out the cosy, warm winter garments. 


The Living Room

Last but not least, spend some time deep cleaning your living room too. It’s probably the place where you would be spending most of your time at home. Make it look inviting and calm. Clean behind the furniture to remove dust and any other dirt. Also, to ensure your home doesn’t get infested with spiders. Early autumn is their mating period, so one of their favourite hiding places is behind your sofa! 

Since cold months are coming, you will be using a lot more heating. Deep clean the radiators to maximise their efficiency. 


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